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Doctor of Education a Noble Profession

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Doctor of education is a doctoral degree that involves rigorous research training in education. It provides its holder with educational techniques and practice necessary for bringing different ways and methodologies to supervise an institution. It is equivalent to a doctor of philosophy. Moreover, it engages a person in activities like working with premier faculty in the field and raising possible solutions with many supervisors tossing their recommendations.

Dr. Lana L. Comeaux

This community of scholars is mostly found in writing op-eds, working at nexus of practice and policy formulation. They are also responsible for introducing more educational culture in rural areas. It is a vast field offering a person to run public and private sectors with innovative reforms. Major tasks assigned to a doctor of education are:

  1. Educational policy, leadership, and instructional practice:

It involves working with national and international doctoral students and scholars to devise educational policy. Through the introduction of different courses and programs, students are inculcated with new skills in research and development.

  1. Human development and education:

Design and participate in transformative approaches that bring social development. Diverse socio-cultural and linguistic approaches are inculcated in students. Technological advancement and promising social futures is also a byproduct of human development. Bringing meaningful changes in a student’s life and giving them a new lens to view life is included in human development. It also includes learning and development of a child from birth to death through literal reforms.

  1. Culture, communities, and education:

With the world becoming globalized and few cultural exchange borders left behind, a doctor of education brings flexible policies in this regard. Integrating different cultures and communities on the basis of equality and respect. Examination of programs and institutional policies to promote cultural integrity is also a part of his job. Analytical approach and research is a primary factor to make educational policy equal for all.

  1. Quantitative policy analysis:

It involves a group of doctors using statistical techniques to study changing trends in education and development process of human. Observations, conceptions, and analysis of a predefined policy is also a job of doctor of education. It also includes defining a policy problem and introducing potential solutions. Macro and micro level analysis of educational policies for human development is an integral part of it.

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Dr. Lana L. Comeaux is famed for having a professional approach and she has managed to earn a lot of fame through her community work. Lana Comeaux has also worked for Autistic Children by being a part of Sabine County Economic Development Committee.

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