About Dr. Lana L. Comeaux

Dr. Lana L. Comeaux has offered her services as a board member for a local hospital, library and the Chamber of Commerce. At present, she is going through the initial phases of developing an Adult Day Center for Autistic Adults.

Lana Comeaux is known for getting admiration in the form of Masonic Community Builder Award 2013; Sabine County Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year 2012; Patricia H. Smith “Remembering Columbia” NASA Museum Board of Director 2011 to present; DETCOG Regional Council on Family and Children; Sabine Area Career Center (2004 to 2009) and the list goes on.

Dr. Lana L. Comeaux’s performance in each sector has remained exceptional irrespective of the roles taken by her. She is quite interested to develop a support group for parents of Autistic children.

Lana Comeaux is known for her professional approach and also for working in various sectors. She carries out different duties such as fund-raising for the college by staying in connection with different companies and businesses.

Dr. Lana L. Comeaux has served as the Principal Assessor, Region V ESC via Tarleton State University. Right now she is living in Pineland.

Dr. Lana L. Comeaux

Development Officer, Stephen F. Austin State University